To support innovative programs that address the interplay between social conditions and the psychological health of children and families.


The Viola W. Bernard Foundation is governed by a Board of seven trustees, representing Dr. Bernard’s family, friends and professionals in the child welfare fields. Trustees draw upon and seek to share with grantees skills and passions in psychological health and child welfare; nonprofit management/ leadership; advocacy, legal and public policy; financial and investment management; and knowledge about child welfare and mental health resources in New York, New Jersey and New England.

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Eric Brettschneider, MA, JD, President
Dr. Perry Ottenberg, President Emeritus
Joan Wofford, Vice President
Cary A. Koplin, Treasurer
Jennifer Wofford, MSW, Secretary 
Stephen Wise Tulin, Esq., Trustee
Gretchen Buchenholz, Trustee
Marta Siberio, Trustee
Dr. Tim Ross, Trustee

Yessenia Cardona, Grants Manager


Financial Data (2012)

Tax ID#: 13-2621140

  • Total Assets: $4.2M
  • Annual Grants Dollars Awarded:  $402,500
  • Grant Size:  $5,000 – $15,000

Average grant sizes expected to increase beginning in 2014.


We are for the small, new and untested ideas. We help them test it – and we may fail. And that’s ok.”

Trustee, Viola W. Bernard Foundation